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June 13, 2013

Q: I own a third-floor condominium in Westchester County that has a nice view over a garden behind the building. A few years ago, the condo board planted some trees in the garden. The trees have now grown so tall and wide that they are starting to block my view. One reason for buying the apartment was the view. Do I have any right to make the board trim the trees so they don't block my view?

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New Rules for Building Registration
March 15, 2013

"Volunteer," or Be Fined
August 16, 2012

Co-op Shareholder Kept in the Dark
June 14, 2012

Out-of-town lawyers doing big city business
November 14, 2012

When Finding an Apartment Is Only Half the Battle
November 29, 2010

When Tenants Don't Pay the Rent
February 26, 2010
Q. I leased my duplex apartment in Queens to two tenants who paid me the first month's rent and one month as security... (pdf download)

Landlord Granted More Than $200,000 In Base Rent for Tenant's Breach of Contract
January 27, 2010
1412 BROADWAY LLC v. WILK SHIRT CORP., 108094/2009, Decided 01/12/10 - Attorney for the Plaintiff: Heiberger & Associates, P.C. (pdf download)

RGB Rent Vote "Salt in the Wound" for Owners
May 13, 2009
The Rent Guidelines Board has preliminarily voted on increases for rent-stabilized apartments... (pdf download)

Relying on Receivers Again
April 2009
Meanwhile, Jamie Heiberger Harrison, a New York real estate lawyer, said she has recently applied to become a receiver... (pdf download)

Related Runs From Recession
March 1, 2009
In the boom-and-bust real estate world of the last couple of years, billionaire developer Stephen Ross, the CEO and founder of the Related Companies, cut an unusual figure... (pdf download)

An Owners Perspective On Lease Breaks During Downturn
February 18, 2009Clairvoyants aside, no one signing a lease at the height of the commercial leasing market several years ago... (pdf download)

When Condo Owners Don't Pay Their Fees
July 2, 2008
The rising cost of living, coupled with the economic downturn, has made bill-paying difficult for many New York City condo owners... (pdf download)

Commotion in the Common Areas
June 2008
I live in a co-op where some fellow owners and their children are very disruptive in the common areas... (pdf download)

Incentives To Fuel Spring Selling Season
May 2008
As the national and New York economies continue to experience twists and turns, particularly in... (pdf download)

Time Is Right For Hudson Yards Development
April 2008
Over the past several years, commercial development in New York has proceeded at a remarkable pace... (pdf download)

Use Caution When Buying and Selling 'Up'
March 2008
As land available for development in Manhattan and other prime areas becomes more and more limited... (pdf download)

Strong Long-Term Demand For New York City Housing
February 2008
Homeowners and members of the residential real estate community have experienced increased anxiety... (pdf download)

Residential Landlords Have Choice Of Tenants In Tight Rental Market
January 2008

The rental market continues to thrive as many New Yorkers postpone home purchases while waiting to see how the credit crunch pans out...

(pdf download)

Playing By a New Set of Rules
January 2008
Developers converting the landmark Apthorp apartment building on Manhattan's Upper West Side must follow a new playbook... (pdf download)

Commercial Leases in Today's Landlord-Slanted Market
December 12, 2007
Many New York commercial leasing brokers have been waiting to see how the morgage fallout would affect the market... (pdf download)

Next Year to Bring Winds of Residential RE Change
December 5, 2007
The year 2007 will likely be remembered as one of the most swiftly evovling residential markets in recent history...(pdf download)

Golden Egg Nests
December 4, 2007
Institutional players paired with local partners are buying up rent stabilized apartment portfolios wherever they can find them...(pdf download)

How it Feels to Be a Lawyer for the Landlord in an Ugly Landlord-Tenant Battle
November 2007
My role is solely that of an attorney for the owner or management company. As such, tenants oftentimes displace their feelings and anger at us... (pdf download)

Landlord Wins Latest Battle in War Over Affordable City Living
September 19, 2007
The dismissal of a lawsuit against the owners of the massive Stuyvesant Town... (pdf download)

Cracking the New New York City Noise Code
August 15, 2007
New Yorkers are continually bombarded by noise - construction, traffic, loud music... (pdf download)

In New Mortgage Market, Small Banks Make Big Loans
August 10, 2007

A Legislative Obstacle
August 2007
New York City's multi-housing market remains as strong as can be, but it may take a government-sponsored nosedive... (pdf download)

Understanding Fair Housing Law: Protection for RE Community
July 25, 2007
New York City homebuyers turn to New York real estate brokers - some of the best and the brightest in the business... (pdf download)

When a Rent-Controlled Tenant Dies
July 3, 2007
Q. An apartment I own in New York City was occupied by one rent-controlled tenant, who died in March. Can the estate be required to pay market rent from the time of the tenant's death until the apartment is vacated?

Developers Diversify with Mixed Rental/Condo Buildings
June 27, 2007
The condominium and rental markets continue to travel parallel paths, with rates increasing steadily. However, the future of this extended bull market is hard to predict and some residential developers are considering projects that offer both rental and condo units within one building. (pdf download)

Public Documents: How Landlords Investigate Tenants
June 26, 2007
With more notices of nonrenewal being sent to community residents suspected of living outside of Stuyvesant Town...(pdf download)

Top Women in New York Real Estate 2007
June 1, 2007
Jamie Heiberger Harrison is a leading female attorney in the New York-area real estate industry. In 1996, at the age of 27, Jamie established her own practice, Heiberger & Associates, P.C., which has since expanded into a highly successful, full-service real estate law firm. (pdf download)

Despite Price Increases, New York City Residential Property Remains a Smart Investment
June 2007
During the past decade, New York City has experienced a truly remarkable increase in residential real estate value. As properties doubled, tripled or even quadrupled in price in Manhattan, the boom reached out to the boroughs... (pdf download)

Paying the Rent in New York: 4 Roommates (or a Trust Fund)
May 10, 2007
Like the legions of aspiring poets, tap dancers and musicians who came before her, Nina Rubin, a 29-year-old graduate of Wesleyan Universtiy, has struggled to find halfway decent housing in New York. (pdf download)

Development NY-Residential to Honor TOP Women in Real Estate
May 7, 2007

Developers Embrace Creative Ways to Sell Their Units
April 18, 2007
The New York City residential market recorded significant gains in the first quarter of 2007, offering stark contrast to the national housing market...(pdf download)

Law Firm Launches New Closing Division
April 4, 2007
Heiberger & Associates, P.C., the full-service real estate law firm, has launched a closing division within the firm and has opened a satellite office at Greenwich Club Residences... (pdf download)

Protecting Yourself as a New York City Real Estate Broker
March 28, 2007
As long as broker commissions have existed so too have people tried to outsmart brokers and bypass the commission by using their services and then trying to close the deal themselves. These people will often avoid... (pdf download)

Heiberger & Associates Hires Justin-Capell, Hollander and Breed
March 27, 2007
Heiberger & Associates, P.C., a full-service real estate law firm, has hired attorneys Heela Justin-Capell, Matthew Hollander and Maxwell Breed. (pdf download)

Building Owners Taking the Risk Factor Out of the Equation
March 21, 2007
In the post 9/11 environment, building security is more evident than ever before. In most large cities - and in New York City in particular - visitors are requred to show identification, sign in and receive approval from the person they are visiting. (pdf download)

Starrett City Sale Shelved by HUD
March 7, 2007
U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary, Alphonso Jackson, has denied Clipper Equity, led by David Bistricer and Sam Levinson, the right to close the $1.3 billion deal to buy Starrett City. (pdf download)

Starrett City Sold for $1.3B
February 14, 2007
The 10-week bidding war for the 140-acre subsidized Brooklyn housing complex, Starrett CIty, came to an end this week with news that Brooklyn-based Clipper Equity had won with a $1.3 billion offer. (pdf download)

Passion & Hard Work Defines One of The City's Leading Attorneys
January 2007
Having worked her way up from an associate to starting her own law firm, Heiberger & Associates ten years ago at age 27, Jamie Heiberger Harrison has become an integral part of the Manhattan real estate...(pdf download)

Changes in Brokering and Marketing in 2006
December 20, 2006
2006 has been a year of change for the real estate market. There has been an influx of apartments on the market, both from the many emerging condominiums... (pdf download)

Regulators Shaken by Cocktail of Residential Loans on Offer
December 6, 2006
With the real estate boom that hit the country came a new trend in mortgages: The Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)...(pdf download)

The Sale of the Century
December 2006
Jamie Heiberger, a Manhattan landlord-tenant lawyer, tells howthe demographic changed over the years. "In 1950," she says, "over 90 percent of the residents were married, and about one-fifth of the residents of the towers were five years old or younger." (pdf download)

MetLife's $5B ST/PCV Sale Closed
November 22, 2006
Despite an ongoing investigation by city comptroller, William Thompson, MetLife announced last Friday that it has completed the sale of its Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town properties... (pdf download)

Saving Landlords from Grueling Court Eviction Process
November 15, 2006
This year has marked the end of the condominiums reigning supreme. Long gone are the days of sell outs in under two months, where people were compelled to buy real estate as quickly...(pdf download)

Boom or Bust?
October 25, 2006
The intertwining gears of the city's real estate market are moving forward in a strong and steady manner. The office market is filled with rational exuberance... (pdf download)

A 30-Day Notice, Then What?
September 24, 2006
"The 30-day notice of termination is the first legal step required for a landlord who seeks possession of an apartment," said Jamie Heiberger... (pdf download)